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What is goHibe ?

The name ‘goHibe’ is meant to be catchphrase like “Hey! Let’s go Hibe”. The word ‘hibe’ is derived from mix of two words, (a) Greek goddess ‘Hebes’ who represents blooming of Youth & Maturity, & (b) pop culture reference to good connection - ‘Vibe’. In a certain way, we believe that our job is to enable users to express their vibe.

Why we started goHibe ?

We believe that identity & self expression has to be at the center of the new-age Metaverse because it is just not about exploration, but, primarily about self-expression & how we can truly bring the joy of emotional freedom to our users. Most of our animated movies & gaming ecosystems from some of the best studios in the world, have beautifully morphed & created so many loved characters, companions, pets, etc. to bring that joy to us.


We aim to democratise the self-expression via characters through an integrated Avatar system (humans, fantasy, humanoids, pets, etc.), & enable creators to create content which stands out. While we are starting with Avatar systems, we will always trust our creators & users to lead the way & guide us through the journey!

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